Human growth hormone – A Complete Knowhow

Human growth hormone – A Complete Knowhow

Majority of the people have heard about human growth hormone. This is usually called as HGH. Human growth hormone is natural testosterone booster. This hormone is produced by itself and this can offer many benefits.

HGH is produced by pituitary gland. This plays a major role in maintenance of healthy tissue which includes tissue of brain along with other vital organs and cell generation as well. Once this is secreted from pituitary gland it will be active for few minutes in the blood stream. In these few minutes’ liver tries to converts t into growth factors. One among the major growth factors is IGF-1 or insulin like growth factor. This can influence growth promotion in every cell of the body. It is easy to buy human growth hormone online.

From more than 100 years there are studies going on for HGH. In 1980s first synthetic growth hormone has been developed. This is approved by FDA just for specific uses both in children as well as adult. One can use online address sites to buy steroids usa.


When it comes to enhance muscle size and promote weight loss, one must use human growth hormone in larger doses. But for general recovery small doses will be sufficient. Even for anti- aging and overall health benefits small doses will do the job. There are number of benefits which can be achieved from this HGH in adults, adolescents, and children. Some of them are,

Enhanced muscle growth:

HGH can improve the physical capacity in the user through stimulating the collagen synthesis in tendons and in skeletal muscle. Through this it can also enhance exercise performance of the user and muscle strength as well.

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Improved fracture healing:

Many of the growth factors as well as hormones influence regulation of minerals as well as bone metabolism. Along with these, they are even responsible for fracture healing. HGH administration will result in enhancing the bone generation through bone healing. Metabolism of bone is increased through applying factors like IGF-1.

Weight loss enhancements:

In case of obese individuals there will be fewer stimuli towards hormone release. Even after weight reduction, there will be growth hormone responsiveness will be partial. HGH can accelerate lipolysis which leads to breakdown of lipids. This even involves triglyceride hydrolysis which generates free fatty acids and glycerol.

Strong bone:

Bone growth is supported by release of growth hormone. So, when pituitary gland secretes growth hormone there will be regulation in bone growth especially in puberty. Production of IGF – 1 is stimulated by growth hormone. IGF-1 is produced in liver and later released in blood.

Since after certain age, there will be decrease in the secretion of growth hormone and hence in older people there will not be rapid replacement of bone. Growth hormone and IGF-1 can stimulate bone resorbing cells, bone forming, and hence lead to enhanced bone mass.

Reduction in risk towards cardiovascular disease:

When there is deficiency of growth hormone in adults, there will be high risk towards cardiovascular issues. This can lead to reduced life expectancy. When there is deficiency in growth hormone it can lead to alteration in lipoprotein metabolism. This is the main reason towards increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.