Proven Way of Natural Acne Treatment with Pantothenic Acid Supplement

Proven Way of Natural Acne Treatment with Pantothenic Acid Supplement

Tips and trick for a new beginner

 People can get crazy if they experience acne outbreaks, especially if it is in the main point of their face. Sometimes it affects their confidence and creates more stress to meet other people. There is a way to prevent acne and another way to cure it. Both sides are related with the control of oil secretion in our face in the fat metabolism link. The fat metabolism drives by Coenzyme A (CoA) which synthesize by vitamin B5. CoA itself consists of pantothenic acid, cysteine and adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

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Before we move further about the detail of acne treatment steps, you have to understand that there are such conditions where our body produces less CoA, in puberty age for example, our body produce excessive oil. Another condition that triggered excessive oil secretion is stress, and less sleep. Under these circumstances, you will have more chance of acne outbreaks. Hence these following tips might give you a benefit to reduce it.

  1. Eat more food with Vitamin B5 source

Vitamin B5 is good to synthesize more CoA as well as pantothenic acid production. There are a lot of varieties of Vitamin B5 sources in fruits, vegetables, and proteins. In fruits, you can have it from avocadoes, and cashew nuts. Vegetables like in mushrooms, soybeans, and broccoli could be other options. Protein source with vitamin B5 could be found in egg, beef and fish. You should eat more food like aforementioned food sources to get more natural vitamin B.

  1. Drink pantothenic acid supplement to speed up the effect

If you experience a condition in a lower pantothenic acid and more excessive oil than normal persons, like in puberty age, stress condition or less sleep, then you might need pantothenic acid supplement. Recommended usage is in the range of 4 up to 12 grams per day. Serious deficiency might need 12 grams, split into 4 times consumption. You can consume it once in the morning, once in the early afternoon, once in the late afternoon, and last one in the evening. Consume it after meal period, and drink a glass of water to prevent stomach ache side effect. It is a water soluble type of vitamin, so the excess amount would be thrown through urination process.

  1. Clean your face regularly

In a case to prevent more acne outbreaks, you have to clean your face regularly. It will help you to clean out dead cell skin, and prevent it from bacteria that caused an acne infection. Oily skin needs to be cleaned with specific face wash soap and you have to clean it more frequently. You might also use face toner and moisturizer to keep it health during regenerating a new cell skin. And if you are using make up cosmetic, then it is recommended also to clean it properly to ensure dirt does not closed your skin pore.

  1. More exercise

Next thing is to get more exercise in order to burn more fat and create faster fat metabolism in your body. A combination of healthier life style and having pantothenic acid supplement might give you better result in control excess oil in your skin face.

  1. Eat less fat food

Last thing is to eat less fat food and having more fruits and vegetables. Since Vitamin B5 will work in fat metabolism system, you will need more dose if you have more fat in your body. In the other way, if you have less fat then it means that you only need fewer doses to reduce excess oil. Eat less food that contains sugar could also help.