Your Guide to Consuming Medical Marijuana

Your Guide to Consuming Medical Marijuana

If you are thinking about using marijuana or Top Dawg Seeds to relieve chronic pain, it is crucial that you understand the different methods of administering medical marijuana so you can make an informed decision. Before anything else, you should secure a medical marijuana recommendation letter or card from a doctor.

As soon as you obtain it, you can purchase cannabis from a local marijuana dispensary. Here’s how you can consume it:

Smoking medical marijuana

The most common method of consuming medical marijuana is smoking. You should pack a small amount of dried cannabis flower into a pipe then hold a flame until it combusts. Through this, you can inhale the smoke.

• Advantages: it can deliver instant relief as soon as it is inhaled. On top of that, the

dosage is easy to regulate plus it is inexpensive. You will have many options if you consider this.

• Disadvantages: the smoke is harmful to the lungs because of the combustion, which makes it hard to breathe. Smoking is not a good option for people with pulmonary damage or asthma. You will smell like cannabis smoke after.

Vaping medical marijuana

The modern method of consuming cannabis is vaping. The electronic device preheats the vaporiser. You can then insert a small amount of dried cannabis, press the button and inhale it.

• Advantages: it can deliver instant relief and it is less harsh on your lungs compared to smoking. After consuming, you will not smell cannabis.

• Disadvantages: vaping devices are expensive. It is also battery powered, which means you have to be vigilant so you can charge it appropriately. More importantly, it needs time to preheat the vaporiser.

Medical MarijuanaMedical Marijuana

Edible medical marijuana

If you do not want to smoke or inhale it, you can consider edible marijuana. In the past, it was only incorporated in homemade brownies. Nowadays, you can find medicated crackers, nut mixes, cookies, ice cream, lollipops, gummy bears, chocolate bats and many more.

• Advantages: it provides long-lasting relief. On top of that, you get to eat delicious food. Many consider this because the dosage can be precise.

• Disadvantages: it will take several hours for it to kick in. It needs to be safely secured from children and pet. It is also said that it causes a different kind of “high” compared to smoking or inhaling.

Sub-lingual sprays

The extracted cannabinoids are mixed into glycerin solution, alcohol or MCT (Medium-Chain Triglyceride) oils. You just squirt it under your tongue for instant relief.

• Advantages: the dosage is easy to control and it doesn’t hurt the lungs. It is also the preferred method for children with serious symptoms.

• Disadvantages: it is expensive.