2019s Top 5 Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures

2019s Top 5 Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures

Both men and women of this day and age are open-minded when it comes to plastic surgery, especially for aesthetic reasons. There are now hundreds, or maybe thousands of trusted plastic surgeons from all over the world, like Dr Zacharia, which gives you more reasons to undergo these procedures. This is why more and more people are getting curious about the most common plastic surgery procedures that most would usually get.

Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures Worldwide

Nowadays, women are not the only ones who want to improve their appearance. In fact, men are also contributing to the success of this industry. So what are the most popular procedures? Here’s the top 5 on the list of plastic surgery procedures from all over the world.

  • Liposuction. This is a cosmetic procedure where the fat is removed usually on the hips, belly, thighs, the buttocks, arms, back, or the face. The main purpose is to improve the shape and appearance of a particular area. This is a procedure and it comes with risks so you should have realistic expectations. Remember that this cosmetic surgery will on get rid of the cellulite and not all the fat in your body.
  • Blepharoplasty. This is also known as a “tummy tuck.” This procedure will remove any excess skin from your abdominal area and will help tighten your skin that remains after the surgery is done. This is currently getting more popular especially with women after being pregnant or after losing a huge amount of weight. Usually, the most ideal candidates are the ones who do not have too much excess fat deposits, but instead, just too much skin hanging from the abdomen.

Common Plastic Surgery Procedures

  • Rhinoplasty. Also called a “nose job” is a procedure that is most popular in both men and women. This will reshape your nose as it brings it into balance with the rest of the features of your face. Sometimes the surgeon will reduce the overall size or maybe just refine the areas where it would look more pleasing.
  • Face Lift. This is also referred to as “Rhytidectomy” which is the cosmetic surgery solution for wrinkles and sagging that is usually caused by aging. This procedure will help tighten the skin of your face to give it a more youthful look. This is done by gently pulling the skin tighter to smoothen the deep lines and reduce sagging.
  • Forehead Lift. Surgeons call this the “brow lift” and the procedure is somewhat similar to a facelift. This process will lift and pull the skin of the forehead up to make it tighter and effectively remove any wrinkles and creases. During the surgery, the eyebrows will also be elevated to give you a more youthful look.

Nobody wants to look unpleasant, especially now that there are different cosmetic surgery solutions to these problems. We cannot surely escape the fact that nothing is perfect, but we can make ourselves look more pleasing not only to our eyes but to others too. Boost your self-worth and feel better with how you look.